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I was looking around search engines on potential solutions for better organizing my bookmarks page on my static website and what I saw annoyed the hell out of me. So much of the info I was looking at was so fixated on optimizing SEO and nearly nothing else. I was looking at maybe using iframes for a navbar (probably won't, but who knows) to link the bookmarks amongst each other and was warned about how it impacted SEO negatively. Was warned about making sure that the navbar was in the header. SEO this, SEO that.

Let this blog post serve as a manifesto on how I build my web presence at this point in my life and any new pages on my static website. Screw your SEO, I'm just here to have fun.

If I cease to exist on Google or any other search engines, then good. I'm not monetizing the stuff I build anyway. I am not maximizing views. All of this is for my own enjoyment and anyone else who enjoys it as well. May my website (and blog and whatever else I build) serve as a restful inn away from the nightmare of the rest of the internet.

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